A Bit About Us

Beijing Climbing Club was created for Beijing’s expatriates, travelers, and adventure seekers alike, to provide something fun, exciting, and different to do during their holidays or off time. Our activities are great for families or groups of friends looking to spend some time away from the congestion of the city, and those looking for new adventures around Beijing.

Beijing Climbing Club organizes regular rock climbing trips to beautiful areas around the outlying districts of Beijing. These trips are designed to bring Beijing’s climbing community together to enjoy a day of rock climbing amongst friends. Our guides are certified and experienced, English-speaking, and work to a western standard of accepted practices. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standard and checked regularly for quality assurance. Our rock climbing trips operate to the highest standards of safety. So, if you’re looking to go rock climbing around Beijing, we offer the safest trips with the most experienced guides.

Beijing Climbing Club also acts as an outlet for those interested in learning a new hobby or wanting to increase their climbing skills by offering rock climbing instruction that focuses on mitigating the risks of a variety of rock climbing styles. So stop dreaming about rock climbing and actually learn how to do it!

So, if you’re new to Beijing or thinking of visiting Beijing in the near future and would like to get out rock climbing, learn how to rock climb, or just want to meet some cool people that like to rock climb… get in touch with us.